Miniature Railroad & Village's
Limited Edition Lionel Boxcars


The Miniature Railroad & Village 2005 boxcar will hit the shelves of Carnegie Science Center's XPLOR store soon! This limited edition, Lionel produced boxcar, seventh in the series, is only available at Carnegie Science Center -- and there are many folks keeping count and close track (excuse the pun) of each new Miniature Railroad & Village boxcar.

The exclusivity of the popular series serves makes it a red hot 'must have' for collectors. Model railroaders and fans of the Miniature Railroad & Village who are working to collect each Miniature Railroad & Village boxcar, will not be disappointed in this one with it's classic, bold look.

Collect them all:

Each Miniature Railroad & Village boxcar combines traditional designs from by gone years with the fun and fanciful .

The 1st (1999) and 2nd (2000) car in the series have completely sold out. Very limited quantities of 2001 - 2004 remain.


Boxcars sell for $49.95 each.

Order yours today by calling 412.237.3418

(Advanced orders accepted)

Proceeds benefit the Miniature Railroad & Village.