Coal Mining

The Company Town


The Sharon Steel Mill
   A time to remember
   How steel is made
   The basic bassemer steel process
   The basic open hearth steel making process
   The Sharon steel connection


River Life


Colonial Brick making

Farming in Pennsylvania

The Miniature Railroad & Village: Pittsburgh Replicas

Pennsylvania Barns

The Negro Baseball Leagues

St. John's Church

Liverpool Street Row Houses
   The LeMoyne House

   The Beginning of Railroading in America
   How a Steam Locomotive works
   Rolling Stock
   Putting It All Together
   How Do You Stop A Train?
   The Great Pennsylvania Railroad
       Horseshoe Curve
       Altoona & Pittsburgh
       Labor Problems
       New York City
   The Great Passenger Trains
   Middle Age
   End of a Giant

Engine Company #9
   Firehouse #3

The Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper Building
   The Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper

McKeesport Watch Tower

The Monongahela Incline

   Wright 1903 Flyer
   Calbraith Rodgers and the 'Vin Fiz Flyer'
   Curtiss Jenny
   Nieuport Nighthawk
   Charles Lindbergh and the 'Sprit of St. Louis'
   Ford Flivver
   Pitcairn Autogyro
   Barnstormers and The Flying Circus
   Hot Air Balloons

Limestone Quarry

The Company Town

Iron Furnace

The Ferris Wheel
   'Leap The Dips' roller coaster

Pennsylvania Crude Oil
   Drake's Oil Well

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

John Augustus Roebling House and Workshop

Charles Bowdish Homestead

John Wood's House

LeMonye House

The Second Indiana County Courthouse

Henry Buhl Jr.   Honeymoon House

Woman's Suffrage Parade

1202 and 1226 Resaca Place

East Ohio Street

The Lark Inn

Railroad Station

Ship Hotel