Liverpool Street Row Houses

liver pool row house1300 Block Liverpool Street
Built 1880-1890

Liverpool Street, in the Manchester area of Pittsburgh is located just west of what was known as Allegheny City, today's North Side. Nine Second Empire style duplexes form the most impressive block in the city. They were designed as double houses to give an impression of continuity and grace to the look of the street and though they are very grand, they were built as middle class homes .Preservation efforts are in place to preserve the unique architecture of Manchester and the remarkable Liverpool Street Row houses.

frame work

modelThe LeMoyne House 49 East Maiden Street Washington, PA National Historic Landmark

The LeMoyne House is a two story sandstone structure built in 1812 by Dr. F. Julius LeMoyne. Though many additions and changes have been made to the building, our replica is based on its original design and features the distinctive rooftop garden where Dr. LeMoyne grew medicinal herbs and raised honeybees. Dr. LeMoyne and his family were very active in the Underground Railroad and the house was the center of antislavery activity in Southwestern Pennsylvania for much of the 1800s. Slaves were spirited into the attic or basement for safe refuge along their dangerous journey to freedom. Interestingly, the beehives were occasionally used as effective weapons and often launched down onto the street to ward off violent protesters that threatened to disrupt the regular meetings of the Washington County Anti-Slavery Society, which Dr. LeMoyne founded in 1835.The house is a National Historic Landmark of the Underground Railroad.


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